Woshod flights Woshod 1 to Woshod 2

Woshod 2, Alexej Leonow during first EVA in history
Woshod 2, Alexej Leonow during first EVA in history

The Woshod spaceship for 2 or 3 cosmonauts from Russia was a modification of  the Wostok spaceship which could host only 1 cosmonaut.

But the technical standard of the Woshod spaceship was not very high and  was not so safe as it was needed to reach quite often the space. (6 missions haven been planned).

Both missons Woshod 1 and 2 had a lot of problems and it was really luck that nothing happend wrong for the crews.

The Woshod spaceship was only the intermediate spaceship until the new generation of safe spacecrafts with the new Sojus development has been finished and launched. (similar to Gemini).

Only two missions of Woshod have been carried out, but it could be seen that the russians had a lot of time pressure to defend the projection in that time against the US space program by using their Woshod spaceships.



Woshod 1                   launch   12.10.1964                  Wladimir Komarow                     (USSR)  

                                  landing  13.10.1964                  Konstantin Feoktistow                 (USSR) 

                                                                                  Dr.Boris Jegerow                         (USSR) 


First flight with three man in space, flight time 24 hours, 16 Orbits      



Woshod 2                    launch 18.03.1965                    Pawel I.Beljajew                          (USSR)    

                                   landing 19.03.1965                   Alexej A.Leonow                          (USSR)    


First spacewalk (EVA, Extra Vehicular Aktivity) of man in space by Leonow, problem by entering

Woshod 2 after 20 min, flight time 26 hours




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