Space Shuttle STS-61A to STS-61C

Launch cover STS-61A orig.signed by complete crew
Launch cover STS-61A orig.signed by complete crew

Space Shuttle STS-61A           launch          30.10.1985      Henry Hartsfeld                  (USA)

(Flight 22, Challenger, D1)       landing         06.11.1985      Steven Nagel                     (USA)

                                                                                          James Buchli                     (USA)

                                                                                          Guion Bluford                     (USA)

                                                                                          Bonnie Dunbar                   (USA)

                                                                                          Reinhard Furrer                 (Germany)

                                                                                          Ernst Messerschmidt          (Germany)

                                                                                          Wubbo Ockels                   (Netherlands)


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First flight with 8 astronauts and 3 astronauts who have not been not US astronauts, 2 of them have been  germans.

D1 Mission , that means that was the first Space Shuttle mission where the responsability for the scientific part was under german control
112 Orbits

Space Shuttle STS-61B         launch          27.11.1985                 Brewster Shaw                 (USA)

(Flight 23, Atlantis)                landing         03.12.1985                 Brian O`Conner                 (USA)

                                                                                                   Mary Cleave                      (USA)

                                                                                                   Sherwood Spring              (USA)

                                                                                                   Jerry Ross                          (USA)

                                                                                                   Rudolfo Neri Vela              (Mexico)

                                                                                                   Charles Walker                  (USA)


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109 Orbits

Space Shuttle  STS-61C             launch             12.01.1986               Robert Gibson                (USA)

(Flight 24, Columbia)                  landing            18.01.1986               Charles Bolden              (USA)

                                                                                                          George Nelson               (USA)

                                                                                                          Steven Hawley               (USA)

                                                                                                          Franklin Chang-Diaz       (USA)

                                                                                                          Robert Cenker                (USA)

                                                                                                          Bill Nelson                      (USA)


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98 Orbits

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