Space Shuttle STS-26 to STS-40

Launch cover STS-34 orig.signed by complete crew
Launch cover STS-34 orig.signed by complete crew

Space Shuttle STS-26           launch       29.09.1988           Frederick Hauck               (USA)

(Flight  26, Discovery)            landing     03.10.1988           David Hilmers                   (USA)                       

                                                                                          Richard Covey                  (USA)

                                                                                         John Lounge                     (USA)                                                                                                                     George Nelson                  (USA)


Back to Earth crew:


First Space Shuttle flight after the Challenger disaster

64 Orbits





Space Shuttle STS-27                 launch        02.12.1988           Robert Gibson                 (USA)

(Flight 27,  Atlantis)                     landing       06.12.1988           Guy Gardner                   (USA)

                                                                                                 Richard Mullane              (USA)

                                                                                                 Jerry Ross                        (USA)

                                                                                                 William Shepherd           (USA)


Back to Earth crew:      


68 Orbits 

Space Shuttle STS-28                 launch               08.08.1989               Brewster Shaw            (USA)

(Flight 30, Columbia)                  landing              13.08.1989               Richard Richards         (USA)

                                                                                                           James Adamson           (USA)

                                                                                                           David Leetsma              (USA)

                                                                                                           Mark Brown                  (USA)


Back to Earth crew:


81 Orbits

Space Shuttle STS-29                      launch      13.03.1989              Michael Coats           (USA)

(Flight 28, Discovery )                      landing     18.03.1989              John Blaha                (USA)

                                                                                                      James Bagian            (USA)

                                                                                                      James Buchli              (USA)

                                                                                                      Robert Springer          (USA)


Back to Earth crew:   


80 Orbits




Space Shuttle  STS-30                  launch          04.05.1989                  David Walker                (USA)

(Flight 29, Atlantis)                        landing         08.05.1989                  Ronald Grabe               (USA)

                                                                                                            Norman Thagard          (USA)

                                                                                                            Mary Cleave                 (USA)

                                                                                                            Mark Lee                      (USA)


Back to Earth crew:    


65 Orbits

Space Shuttle STS-31           launch               24.04.1990                    Loren Shriver                (USA)

(Flight 31, Discovery)            landing              29.04.1990                    Charles Bolden              (USA)

                                                                                                          Steven Hawley               (USA)

                                                                                                          Bruce Mc Candless         (USA)

                                                                                                          Kathryn Sullivan             (USA)


Back to Earth crew: 


80 Orbits

Space Shuttle STS-32                launch            09.01.1990                  Daniel Brandenstein     (USA)

(Flight  33, Columbia)                landing            20.01.1990                 James Wetherbee         (USA)

                                                                                                           Bonnie Dunbar              (USA)

                                                                                                           David Low                     (USA)

                                                                                                           Marsha Ivins                  (USA)


Back to Earth crew: 


172 Orbits

Space Shuttle STS-33               launch      23.11.1989               Frederick Gregory                (USA)

(Flight 32, Discovery)                landing     28.11.1989                John Blaha                          (USA)

                                                                                                 Story Musgrave                    (USA)

                                                                                                 Manley Carter                       (USA)

                                                                                                 Kathryn Thornton                  (USA)


Back to Earth crew:


79  Orbits                                                                                        

Space Shuttle STS-34            launch      18.10.1989                   Donald Williams                     (USA)

(Flight 31, Atlantis)                 landing     23.10.1989                   Michale McCulley                   (USA)

                                                                                                  Franklin Chang-Diaz               (USA)

                                                                                                 Shannon Lucid                         (USA)

                                                                                                  Ellen Baker                              (USA)


Back to Earth crew:


79 Orbits                                                                                  

Space Shuttle STS-35                      launch           02.12.1990             Vance Brand                (USA)

(Flight 38, Columbia)                       landing          11.12.1990             Gay Gardner                 (USA)

                                                                                                          Jeffry Hoffman               (USA)

                                                                                                          John Lounge                 (USA)

                                                                                                          Robert Parker                (USA)

                                                                                                          Samuel Durrance           (USA)

                                                                                                          Robert Parise                 (USA)


Back to Earth crew:


144 Orbits

Space Shuttle STS-36                launch              28.02.1990             John Creighton              (USA)

(Flight 34, Atlantis)                    landing             04.03.1990              John Casper                   (USA)

                                                                                                        Richard Mullane             (USA)

                                                                                                        David Hilmers                 (USA)

                                                                                                        Pierre Thuot                    (USA)


Back to Earth crew:


72 Orbits

Space Shuttle STS-37              launch            05.04,1991                     Steven Nagel               (USA)

(Flight 37, Atlantis)                   landing           11.04.1991                     Kenneth Cameron       (USA)

                                                                                                            Jerry Ross                    (USA)

                                                                                                            Jerome Apt                  (USA)

                                                                                                            Linda Godwin              (USA)


Back to Earth crew:


93 Orbits


Space Shuttle STS-38                        launch      15.11.1990               Richard Covey               (USA)

(Flight 37, Atlantis)                             landing     20.11.1990               Frank Culbertson           (USA)

                                                                                                         Robert Springer              (USA)

                                                                                                         Carl Meade                     (USA)

                                                                                                         Charles Gemar                (USA)


Back to Earth crew:


79 Orbits

Space Shuttle STS-39                      launch            28.04.1991          Michael Coats                 (USA)

(Flight 40,Discovery)                         landing          06.05.1991          Blaine Hammond            (USA)

                                                                                                         Guion Bluford                 (USA)

                                                                                                         Gregory Harbaugh          (USA)

                                                                                                         Richard Hieb                   (USA)

                                                                                                         Donald McMonagle         (USA)

                                                                                                         Charles Viech                 (USA)


Back to Earth crew:  


140 Orbits

Space Shuttle STS-40                   launch         05.06.1991          Bryon O`Conner                    (USA)

(Flight 41, Columbia)                    landing        14.06.1991          Sidney Gutierrez                   (USA)

                                                                                                   James Bagian                       (USA)

                                                                                                  Tamara Jernigan                   (USA)

                                                                                                   Rhea Seddon                        (USA)

                                                                                                   Drew Gaffney                        (USA)

                                                                                                   Millie Hughes-Fulford            (USA)


Back to Earth crew: 


146 Orbits   


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