Space Shuttle STS-1 and precursor

Space Shuttle STS (Space Transport System)  Precursor (X-15 and X-24B) and development  

Space Shuttle STS candidates before launch of  STS-1


NASA names 35 Shuttle astronaut candidates at Press Conference Houston and Washington  DC 16.01.1978 and  names 19 Shuttle astronaut candidates at Houston Press Conference 29.05.1980 and

19 new astronaut candidates report to Johnson Space center 07.07.1980

Kennedy Space center postoffice

Space Shuttle STS-1                  launch                 12.04.1981                  John Young            (USA)

(Flight 1, Columbia)                   landing                14.04.1981                  Robert Grippen       (USA)



Back to Earth crew:


First manned flight of a Space Shuttle

37 Orbits

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