STS 102 to STS 106

The ISS (International Space Station) is a big international project where different nations as there are USA, Russia, Japan, Brasil, Canada and Europe with the ESA  are involved.

The ISS contents a lot of diiferent separate items and started with the construction in 1998.

The first Expedition to ISS was the Expedition 1 with Sheperd (USA), Gidsenko (Russia) and Krikalow (Russia). They launched on 31 of october 2000 with Sojus TM-31 and came back to Earth on 18 of march 2001 with the Shuttle Discovery STS-102.

The ISS is until now in construction and should be in function at least until the year 2022.

Today the Sojus spaceships with their rockets are the only manned vehicles which can reach the ISS after closing the Space Shuttle program by the USA.

The construction of the ISS started with the first module Zarya with a launch of a russian Proton rocket on 20.11.1998.

To the ISS today belongs today already more than 30 Moduls which have been launched by different rockets from different nations.

At the end of construction the ISS will have a total weight of 500 tons, will have a more than 80 m long strucktur in the center  and the solarpannels will go from one  to the other end with more than 107 m.

Today the ISS will serve for 6 crewmenbers for several months at the same time.

2.11.2000 the ISS was for the first time in function and used.

ISS (International Space Station)

Space Shuttle STS-102                launch                 08.03.2001       James Wheterbee         (USA)

(Flight 103, Discovery)                 docking to ISS     10.03.2001       James Kelly                   (USA)

                                                    undocking           19.03.2001       Paul Richards                (USA)

                                                    landing                21.03.2001       Andrew Thomas            (USA)

                                                                                                      ISS Expedition 2:

                                                                                                      Juri Ussatschow             (Russia)

                                                                                                      Susan Helms                  (USA)

                                                                                                      James Voss                    (USA)



Back to Earth crew:

James Wheterbee              (USA)

James Kelly                        (USA)

Paul Richards                     (USA)

Andrew Thomas                 (USA)

William Shepherd              (USA, Sojus TM-31, ISS Expedition 1)

Juri Gidsenko                     (Russia, Sojus TM-31, ISS Expedition 1)

Sergei Krikaljow                (Russia, Sojus TM-31, ISS Expedition 1)

201 Orbits

ISS Expedition 2 stayed 163 days in space


Space Shuttle STS-103                  launch  20.12.1999              Curtis Brown                   (USA)

(Flight 96, Discovery)                     landing 28.12.1999              Scott Kelly                      (USA)

                                                                                                 Steven Smith                  (USA)

                                                                                                 Micheal Foale                 (USA)

                                                                                                 John Grunsfeld               (USA)     

                                                                                                 Claude Nicollier              (Switzerland)                                                                                                  Jean-Francois Clervoy    (France)


Back to Earth crew:


119 Orbits

Space Shuttle STS- 104          launch                   12.07.2001          Steven Lindsay              (USA)

(Flight 105, Atlantis)                docking to ISS       14.07.2001          Charles Hobaugh           (USA)

                                               undocking             22.07.2001           Michael Gernhardt        (USA)

                                               landing                  25.07.2001          James Reilly                  (USA)

                                                                                                       Janet Kavandi                (USA)


Back to Earth crew:


200 Orbits


Space Shuttle STS-105             launch               10.08.2001            Scott Horowitz               (USA)

(Flight 106, Discovery)              docking to ISS   12.08.2001            Frederick Sturckow        (USA)

                                                 undocking         20.08.2001            Daniel Barry                   (USA)

                                                 landing              22.08.2001            Patrick Forrester            (USA)


                                                                                                       ISS Expedition 3:

                                                                                                       Frank Culbertson           (USA)

                                                                                                       Michail Tjurin                (Russia)

                                                                                                       Wladimir Deshurow     (Russia)                                                                                                                     


Back to Earth crew:

Scott Horowitz                (USA)

Frederick Sturckow         (USA)

Daniel Barry                    (USA)

Patrick Forrester             (USA)

Juri Ussatschow              (Russia, Space Shuttle STS-102, ISS Expedtion 2)

Susan Helms                   (USA, Space Shuttle STS-102, ISS Expedition 2)

James Voss                     (USA, Space Shuttle STS-102, ISS Expedtion 2)

186 Orbits

ISS Expedition 3 stayed 125 days in space

Space Shuttle STS-106          launch                  08.09.2000       Terence Wildcut            (USA)

(Flight 99, Atlantis)                 docking to ISS     10.09.2000        Scott Altman                 (USA)

                                              undocking            18.09.2000        Daniel Burbank             (USA)

                                              landing                 20.09.2000        Edward Lu                    (USA)

                                                                                                  Juri Malentschenko       (Russia)
                                                                                                  Richard Mastracchio      (USA)

                                                                                                  Boris Morukow               (Russia)

Back to Earth crew:


185 Orbits

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