Saljut 6 and Saljut 7/Sojus T-1 to Sojus T-15

Sojus T-15 mission, boardcover with the two  postmarks of the MIR station and the Saljut-7 station in black where both cosmonauts Kisim and Solowjowon have visited and have done some jobs during this flight
Sojus T-15 mission, boardcover with the two postmarks of the MIR station and the Saljut-7 station in black where both cosmonauts Kisim and Solowjowon have visited and have done some jobs during this flight

On 19 of april 1982 the new Orbitalstation Saljut 7 launched with a proton rocket.

The new orbitalstation was much more advanced than the station Saljut 6.

During the 9 years in space, totally 14 manned and one unmanned Sojusspaceship visited the Orbitalstation.

During this visits a lot of problems occurred.

On 7 of february 1991 Saljut 7 reentered the Earth atmosphere and burned out.


Sojus T-1               launch                        16.12.1979                    unmanned

                             docking Saljut 6         19.12.1979

                             undocking                  23.03.1980

                             landing                       25.03.1980

Sojus T-2              launch                           05.06.1980                      Juri Malyschew         (USSR)

                            docking Saljut 6            06.06.1980                       Wladimir Aksjonow  (USSR)

                            undocking                     09.06.1980

                            landing                          09.06.1980                      



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First manned flight of the new typ Sojus T to Saljut 6

62 Orbits

Sojus T-3                   launch                               27.11.1980               Leonid Kisim               (USSR)

                                 docking to Saljut 6             28.11.1980              Oleg Makarow             (USSR)

                                 undocking                          10.12.1980              Gennadin Strekalow   (USSR)

                                 landing                              10.12.1980


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204 Orbits

Sojus T-4               launch                      12.03.1981              Wladimir Kowaljonok      (USSR)

                              docking Saljut 6       13.03.1981              Viktor Sawinych              (USSR)

                              undocking                26.05.1981

                              landing                    26.05.1981


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1178 Orbits

Sojus T-5                  launch                      13.05.1982                 Anatoli Beresowoi         (USSR)      

                                docking Saljut 7       14.05.1982                  Walentin Lebedew        (USSR)

                                undocking                27.08.1982

                                landing                     27.08.1982


Back to Earth crew:

Leonid Popow                 (USSR, Sojus T-7)

Alexander Serebrow       (USSR, Sojus T-7)

Swetlana Sawitzkaja       (USSR, Sojus T-7)

First crew to the new Saljut 7 orbitalstation

1680 Orbits


Sojus T-6                   launch                      24.06.1982           Wladimir Dzahanibekow       (USSR)

                                 docking Saljut 7       25.06.1982           Alexander Iwantschenkow    (USSR)

                                 undocking                 02.07.1982          Jean-Loup Chretien               (France)

                                 landing                     02.07.1982


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125 Orbits

Sojus T-7              launch                             19.08.1982             Leonid Popow                (USSR)

                            docking to Saljut 7           20.08.1982            Alexander Serebrow       (USSR)

                            undocking                        10.12.1982            Swetlana Sawitzkaja       (USSR) 

                            landing                            10.12.1982


Back to Earth crew:

Anatoli Beresowoi          (USSR, Sojus T-5)

Walentin Lebedew         (USSR, Sojus T-5)

First woman in space after ValentinaTereschkowa

125 Orbits

Sojus T-8                  launch                            14.04.1983              Wladimir Titow                 (USSR)

                                docking to Saljut 7         no docking             Gennadi Strekalow           (USSR)

                                undocking                                                     Alexander Serebrow        (USSR)

                                landing                           22.04.1983


Back to Erath crew:


There was no docking to Saljut 7 due to technical problems.

32 Orbits

Sojus T-9                         launch                         27.06.1983             Wladimir Ljachow           (USSR)

                                       docking to Saljut 7       28.06.1983             Alexander Aleksandrow  (USSR)

                                       undocking                    23.11.1983

                                       landing                         23.11.1983

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2361 Orbits

Sojus T-10             launch                            26.09.1983                        Wladimir Titow          (USSR)

(Sojus T-10-1)        docking to Saljut 7         no docking                       Gennadi Strekalow    (USSR)

                             undocking                      no undocking

                             landing                           26.09.1983


Due to explosion and fire during launch phase there was only 5 minutes flight with the

rescue system of the Sojus  spaceship

There was great luck that both cosmonauts survived this disaster launch

no flight to space

Sojus T-10B                launch                       08.02.1984                  Leonod Kisim                  (USSR)

(Sojus T-10)                docking to Saljut 7    09.02.1984                  Wladimir Solovyov          (USSR)

                                  undocking                 11.04.1984                   Dr.Oleg Atkow                 (USSR)

                                  landing                      11.04.1984


Back to Earth crew:

Juri Malyschew                 (USSR, Sojus T-11)

Gennadi Strekalow           (USSR, Sojus T-11)

Rakesh Sharma                 (India, Sojus T-11)

After burning of Sojus T-10-1 on 26.09.1983 next flight was Sojus T 10B

996 Orbits

Sojus T-11                       launch                             03.04.1984        Juri Malyschew               (USSR)

                                       docking to Saljut 7          04.04.1984        Gennadi Strekalow         (USSR)

                                       undocking                       02.10.1984        Rakesh Sharma               (India)

                                       landing                            02.10.1984


Back to Earth crew:

Leonid Kisim              (USSR, Sojus T-10B)

Wladimir Solowjow    (USSR, Sojus T-10B) 

Dr. Oleg Atkow           (USSR, Sojus T-10B)

2935 Orbits

Sojus T-12                launch                           17.07.1984            Swetlana Sawitzkaja          (USSR)   

                                docking to Saljut 7        18.07.1984             Wladimir Dshanibekow      (USSR)

                                undocking                     29.07.1984             Igor Volk                             (USSR)

                                landing                          29.07.1984


Back to Earth crew:   


First woman out of spaceship (EVA)

186 Orbits

Sojus T-13                     launch                         06.06.1985            Wladimir Dschanibekow  (USSR)

                                     docking to Saljut 7      08.06.1985            Wiktor Sawinysch             (USSR)

                                     undocking                   25.09.1985

                                     landing                        26.09.1985


Back to Earth crew:

Georgi Gretschko                 (USSR, Sojus T-14)

Wladimir Dschanibekow      (USSR, Sojus T-13)

2645 Orbits

Sojus T-14                         launch                                      Wladimir Wasjutin     (USSR)

                                         docking to Saljut 7                   Georgi Gretschko      (USSR)

                                         undocking                                Alexander Wolkow    (USSR)



 Back to Earth crew:

 Wladimir Wasjutin       (USSR, Sojus T-14)

 Wiktor Sawinych         (USSR, Sojus T-13)

 Alexander Wolkow      (USSR, Sojus T-14)

1021 Orbits

Sojus T-15                    launch                        13.03.1986                Leonid Kisim                (USSR)

                                    docking to MIR           15.03.1986                Wladimir Solowjow      (USSR)

                                    undocking                  05.05.1986

                                    docking to Saljut 7     06.05.1986

                                    undocking                  25.06.1986

                                    docking MIR               26.06.1986

                                    undocking                  16.07.1986

                                    landing                       16.07.1986


Back to Earth crew:


First visit to Orbital station MIR (twice) and as well during this flight visit to Orbitalstation Saljut 7

1980 Orbits

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