Saljut 4/Sojus 17 to Sojus 20 and ASTP (Sojus 19)

Saljut 4, the fourth russian Orbitalstation was launched on 16 of december 1974.

This Orbitalstation was more constructed for civil purpose and less for miltary observations.

Sojus 17 was the first mission which docked at the station and the crew stayed nearly 30 days there.

After Sojus 17, only two more Sojus spaceships visited the Orbitalstation, Sojus 18B and Sojus 20 which was unmanned.

On 3 of february 1977, after 12.188 orbits the Orbitalstation Saljut 4 entered the atmosphere and burned during this step as calculated.


Sojus 17               launch                           10.01.1975                    Alexej Gubarjew       (USSR)

                            docking to Saljut 4        12.01.1975                     Georgi Gretschko      (USSR)

                            undocking                     09.02.1975

                            landing                          09.02.1975


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479 Orbits

 Sojus 18A              launch                          05.04.1975                Wassili Lasarew    (USSR)

(Sojus 18-1)            docking to Saljut 4       no docking               Oleg Makarow        (USSR)


                               landing                         05.04.1975


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There was no full orbit achieved due to explosion of the rocket, only a suborbitalflight of around

minutes have been realizes and the crew survived this disaster.

Sojus 18B              launch                             24.05.1975                  Pjotr Klimuk                     (USSR)

                             docking to Saljut 4          25.05.1975                   Witali Sewastjanow         (USSR)

                             undocking                       26.07.1975  

                             landing                            26.07.1975


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993 Orbits

Sojus 19 (ASTP)        launch                          15.07.1975                Alexei Leonow            (USSR)     

                                 docking to Apollo         17.07.1975                Waleri Kubassow        (USSR)

                                 undocking                    19.07.1975

                                 landing                         21.07.1975


 Apollo Sojus test project


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97 Orbits

Flight not to Saljut 4, but docking with the US Apollo spaceship

First time in history that the both nations USA and USSR have done and carried out together a

joint space mission with docking of the two spaceships Sojus 19 and Apollo.

In the Apollospaceship  flown the US astronauts Thomas Stafford, Vance Brand and Deke Slayton.



Sojus 20                          launch                          17.11.1975                    unmanned

                                       docking to Saljut 4        19.11.1975

                                       undocking                    15.02.1976

                                       landing                         16.02.1976



1470 Orbits

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