Saljut 1/Sojus 10 to Sojus 11

Saljut 1 was the first  russian Orbitalstation which has been launched on 19 of april 1971.

Only two Sojus missions visited the Orbitalstation, Sojus 10 and Sojus 11.

Totally the russians constructed and launched 8 different Orbitalstations, 7 Saljutstations (1 to 7) and the Mirstation, which was the most advanced one.

Saljut 1 had a weight of around 19 tons, 3 times more than a Sojus spaceship and had 10 times more space than the Sojus spaceship.

After the disaster of Sojus 11 with the death of the three cosmonauts, the Saljut 1 Orbtilastation never got more visits of Sojusmissions.

The next Orbitalstation was Saljut 2.

Saljut 2 was launched 3rd of april 1973 , but never got visits from Sojus missions.

The second Orbitalstation from Russia got fire and was destroyed in the orbit after some days in space.

On 28 of april the main parts of the destroyed orbitalstation entered the atmosphere of Earth and disappeared.






Sojus 10                 launch                              22.04.1971        Wladimir Schatalow               (USSR)

                              docking to Saljut 1           24.04.1971        Alexej Jelissejew                    (USSR)

                              undocking                        24.04.1971        Nikolai Rukawischnikow         (USSR)

                              landing                             24.04.1971


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35 Orbits

Two days after lauch docking with Saljut 1 but not totally successful

The distance between Sojus 10 and Saljut 1 was calculated to 9 cm, no transfer of the crew to the Orbitalstation was possible

Sojus 11           launch                            06.06.1971           Georgi Dobrowolski +      (USSR)

                         docking to Saljut 1        07.06.1971            Wladislaw Wolkow +       (USSR)

                         undocking                     29.09.1971            Viktor Pazajew  +            (USSR)

                         landing                          29.06.1971


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Docking with Salut 1 was successful,and crew stayed the full tiem in space in the station but during landing malfunction of  walve  complete crew died due to missing of O2 in cabin

384 Orbits




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