Space station Mir/Sojus TM-1 to TM-30

Flown cover Sojus TM-25, orig.signed by  complete crew Sojus TM-25 and Kaleri, Korzun and Linenger (STS-81) on 12.2.1997, flown back to earth with Sojus TM-24 on 2.3.1997
Flown cover Sojus TM-25, orig.signed by complete crew Sojus TM-25 and Kaleri, Korzun and Linenger (STS-81) on 12.2.1997, flown back to earth with Sojus TM-24 on 2.3.1997

The new Orbitalstation Mir was after the different Saljut Orbitalstations the most advanced and succesfull Orbitalstation.

Mir was the 8th Orbitalstation from Russia.

From 1987 until 2000, 30 Sojus spaceships (TM-1 to TM-30) have visited the Mir and 11 US Space Shuttles STS docked at Mir station.

On 29.06.1995 the Space Shuttle STS-71 was the first one which docked at the Mir station.

On 19.02.1986 the mainpart of the new Orbitalstation Mir was launched by a Proton rocket.

The first visit to Mir station was Sojus T-15 with Leonid Kizim and Wladimir Solovyew from 15th of march to 5th of may 1986, but they stayed most of their mission in the older Orbitalstation Saljut-7

(6th may to 25th june 1986). From 26th june to 16th july they stayed once again in the new station Mir.

Unmanned Progess 25 docked on Mir 21th march 1986, Progress 26 docked on Mir 25th april 1986.

After the first unmanned flight from Sojus TM-1 (docking MIR 23.05.1986), the first manned flight to Mir was Sojus TM-2 with the russian cosmonauts Juri Romanenko and Alexander Lawelkin.

The Mir station was a totally new developed Orbitalstation with 4 compartments in the basic part with options for further expansion and upgrate.

Sojus TM-1                      launch                 21.05.1986                 unmanned

                                       docking MIR         23.05.1986

                                       undocking            29.05.1986

                                       landing                30 .05.1986

Sojus TM-2                    launch                   05.02.1987              Juri Romanenko            (USSR)

                                     docking MIR          07.02.1987               Alexander Lawejkin     (USSR)

                                     undocking             29.07.1987

                                     landing                 30.07.1987


Back to Earth crew:

Alexander Lawejkin           (USSR,Sojus TM-2)

Alexander Viktorenko        (USSR, Sojus TM-3)

Muhammed Faris               (Syria, Sojus TM-3)

First manned Sojus TM flight    

2810 Orbits

Sojus TM-3              launch               22.07.1987        Alexander Viktorenkow      (USSR)

                               docking MIR      24.07.1987        Alexander Alexandrow       (USSR)

                               undocking         29.12.1987        Muhammed Faris                (Syria)



Back to Earth crew:

Juri Romanenko                (USSR, Sojus TM-2)

Alexander Alexandrow     (USSR, Sojus TM-3)

Anatoli Lewtschenko         (USSR, Sojus TM-4)

2580 Orbits

Sojus TM-4             launch                21.12.1987                 Wladimir Titow               (USSR)

                               docking MIR      23.12.1987                  Mussa Manarow              (USSR)

                               undocking         17.06.1988                  Anatoli Lewtschenko      (USSR)

                               landing              17.06.1988


Back to Earth crew:

Anatoli Solowjow               (USSR, Sojus TM-5)

Wiktor Sawinych                (USSR, Sojus TM-5)

Alexander Alexandrow      (USSR, Sojus TM-5)

2890 Orbits

Sojus TM-5               launch              07.06.1988          Anatoli Solowjow            (USSR)

                                docking MIR     09-06.1988          Wiktor Sawinych              (USSR)

                                undocking        05.09.1988          Alexander Alexandrow    (USSR)

                                landing            07.09.1988


Back to Earth crew:

Wladimir Llachow                      (USSR, Sojus TM-6)

Abdul Mohmand                         (Afghanistan, Sojus TM-6)

1475 Orbits


Sojus TM-6               launch              29.08.1988          Wladimir Ljachow       (USSR)

                                docking MIR      31.08.1988          Valeri Poljakow           (USSR)

                                undocking         21.12.1988          Abdul  Mohmand         (Afghanistan)

                                landing              21.12.1988


Back to Earth crew:

Wladimir Titow                 (USSR, Sojus TM-4)

Mussa Manarow                (USSR, Sojus TM-4)

Jean-Loup Chretien          (France, Sojus TM-7)

1840 Orbits

Sojus TM-7               launch                26.11.1988                Alexander Wolkow             (USSR)

                                docking MIR        28.11.1988               Sergei Krikaljow                 (USSR)

                                undocking           26.04.1989               Jean -Loup Chretien           (France)

                                landing               27.04.1989


Back to Earth crew:

Alexander Wolkow       (USSR, Sojus TM-7)

Sergei Krikaljow           (USSR, Sojus TM-7)

Waleri Poljakow           (USSR, Sojus TM-6)

2450 Orbits

Sojus TM -8             launch            05.09.1989           Alexander Viktorenko        (USSR)

                               docking MIR   07.09.1989            Alexander Serebrow         (USSR)

                               undocking      19.02.1990

                               landing            19.02.1990


Back to Earth crew:


2680 Orbits

Sojus TM-9             launch                    11.02.1990       Anatoli Solowjew             (USSR)

                              docking MIR           13.02.1990       Alexander Balandin          (USSR)

                              undocking               09.08.1990

                              landing                   19.08.1990


Back to Earth crew:


2895 Orbits

Sojus TM-10                launch                01.08.1990              Gennadi Manakow           (USSR)

                                   docking MIR       03.08.1990              Gennadi Strekalow           (USSR)

                                   undocking          10.12.1990

                                   landing              10.12.1990


Back to Earth crew:

Gannadi Manakow    (USSR, Sojus TM-10)

Gennadi Strekalow   (USSR, Sojus TM-10)

Toyhiro Akiyama       (Japan, Sojus TM-11)

2125 Orbits

Sojus TM-11               launch                   02.12.1990           Viktor Afanasyev             (USSR)

                                  docking MIR         04.12.1990            Mussa Manarow              (USSR)

                                  undocking            20.05.1991           Toyohiro Akiyama            (Japan)

                                  landing                 20.05.1991


Back to Earth crew:

Viktor Afanasyev     (USSR, Sojus TM-11)

Mussa Manarow      (USSR, Sojus TM-11)

Helen Sharman       (United Kingdom, Sojus TM-12)

2125 Orbits


Sojus TM-12                 launch                   18.06.1991           Anatoli Arzebarski        (USSR)

                                    docking MIR          20.05.1991           Sergei Krikaljew           (USSR)

                                    undocking             09.10.1991           Helen Sharman            (United Kingdom)

                                    landing                  10.10.1991


Back to Earth crew:

Anatoli Arzebarski         (USSR, Sojus TM-12)

Toktar Aubakirow          (USSR, Sojus TM-13)

Franz Viehöck               (Austria, Sojus TM-13)

2260 Orbits

Sojus TM-13               launch                02.10.1991         Alexander Wolkow        (USSR)

                                  docking MIR       04.10.1991         Toktar Aubakirow           (Kazakhstan)

                                  undocking          25.03.1992         Franz Viehböck              (Austria)

                                  landing               25.03.1992


Back to Earth crew:

Alexander Wolkow         (USSR, Sojus TM-13)

Sergei Krikaljew             (USSR, Sojus TM-12)

Klaus-Dietrich Flade       (Germany, Sojus TM-14)

Sojus TM-14                launch                17.03.1992       Alexander Viktorenko    (USSR)

                                   docking MIR       19.03.1992       Alexander Kaleri            (USSR)

                                   undocking          09.08.1992       Klaus-Dietrich Flade       (Germany)

                                   landing              10.08.1992


Back to Earth crew:

Alexander Viktorenko       (USSR, Sojus TM-14)

Alexander Kaleri               (USSR, Sojus TM-14)

Michel Tognini                  (France, Sojus TM-15)

2280 Orbits

Sojus TM-15               launch                   27.07.1992           Anatoli Solowjew    (USSR)

                                  docking MIR          29.07.1992           Sergei Avdejew       (USSR)

                                  undocking             01.02.1993           Michel Tognini         (France)

                                  landing                  01.02.1993


Back to Earth crew:

Anatoli Solowjew      (USSR, Sojus TM-15)

Sergei Avdejew         (USSR, Sojus TM-15)

3070 Orbits

Sojus TM-16                 launch               24.01.1993        Gennadi Manakow               (USSR)

                                    docking MIR      26.01.1993        Alexander Poleschtschik      (USSR)

                                    undocking         22.07.1993

                                    landing              22.07.1993


Back to Earth crew:

Gennadi Manakow                (USSR, Sojus TM-16)

Alexander Poleschtschik       (USSR, Sojus TM-16)

Jeain-Pierre Haignere           (France, Sojus TM-17)

2790 Orbits

Sojus TM-17                 launch               01.07.1993       Wassili Zibilijew             (Russia)

                                    docking MIR      03.07.1993        Alexander Zerebrow      (Russia)

                                    undocking         14.01.1994        Jean-Pierre Haignere     (France)

                                    landing              14.01.1994


Back to Earth crew:

Wassili Zibilijew          (Russia, Sojus TM-17)

Alexander Zerebrow   (Russia, Sojus TM -17)

3070 Orbits


Sojus TM-18            launch                08.01.1994             Wiktor Afanassjew    (Russia)

                               docking MIR       10.01.1994             Yuri Ussatschow        (Russia)

                               undocking          09.07.1994             Waleri Poljakow       (Russia)

                               landing               09.07.1994


Back to Earth crew:

Wiktor Afanassjew     (Russia, Sojus TM-18)

Yuri Ussatschow         (Russia, Sojus TM-18)

2910 Orbits

Sojus TM-19            launch               01.07.1994       Juri Malentschenko    (Russia)

                               docking MIR      03.07.1994       Talghat Mussabajew   (Kasachstan)

                               undocking         04.11.1994

                               landing             04.11.1994


Back to Earth crew:

Juri Malentschenko        (Russia, Sojus TM-19)

Talghat Mussabajew      (Kasachstan, Sojus TM-19)

Ulf Merbold                    (Germany, Sojus TM-20)

1993 Orbits

Sojus TM-20                      launch                03.10.1994      Alexander Viktorenko    (Russia)

                                         docking MIR       06.10.1994      Jelena Kondakova         (Russia)

                                         undocking          22.03.1995      Ulf Merbold                    (Germany)

                                         landing              22.03.1995


Back to Earth crew:

Alexander Viktorenko      (Russia, Sojus TM-20)

Jelena Kondakova           (Russia, Sojus TM-20)

Waleri Poljakow              (Russia, Sojus TM-18)

2760 Orbits

Sojus TM-21           launch            14.03.1995        Wladimir Deschurow    (Russia)

                              docking MIR   16.03.1995        Gennadi Strekalow       (Russia)              

                              undocking      11-09-1995        Norman Thagard           (USA)           

                              landing          11.09-1995


Back to Earth crew:

Anatoli Solowjew       (Russia, Space Shuttle STS 71)

Nikolai Budarin          (Russia, Space Shuttle STS 71)

2940 Orbits

Norman Thagard was the first US astronaut flown with a Sojus Spaceship to Mir station.

The complete crew of Sojus TM 21 (3 cosmonautes) returned for the first time with a Space Shuttle (STS 71) back to Earth

Sojus TM-22                    launch               03.09.1995         Juri  Gidsenko          (Russia)

                                       docking MIR      05.09.1995         Sergei Awedjew       (Russia)

                                       undocking         29.02.1996         Thomas Reiter          (Germany)

                                       landing              29.02.1996


Back to Earth crew:


Thomas Reiter first german astronaut who has done EVA job

May be total 2800 Orbits

Sojus TM-23                launch             21.02.1996      Juri Onufrijenko    (Russia)

                                   docking MIR    23.02.1996      Juri Ussatschow    (Russia)

                                   undocking       02.09.1996

                                   landing           02.09.1996


Back to earth crew:

Juri Onufrijenko      (Russia, Sojus TM-23)

Juri Ussatschow      (Russia, Sojus TM-23)

Claudie Haignere    (France, Sojus TM-24)

3155 Orbits


Sojus TM-24                  launch             17.08.1996       Waleri Korsun          (Russia)

                                     docking MIR    19.08.1996       Alexander Kaleri      (Russia)

                                     undocking       02.03.1997       Claudie Haignere     (France)

                                     landing           02.03.1997


Back to Earth crew:

Waleri Korsun             (Russia, Sojus TM-24)

Alexander Kaleri        (Russia, Sojus TM-24)

Reinhold Ewald          (Germany, Sojus TM-25)

3113 Orbits


Sojus TM-25               launch             10-02.1997           Wassili Ziblijew        (Russia)

                                  docking MIR    12.02.1997           Alexander Lasutkin  (Russia)        

                                  undocking       14.08.1997           Reinhold Ewald        (Germany)                                                                   landing            14.08.1997


Back to Earth crew:

Wassili Ziblijew          (Russia, Sojus TM-25)

Alexander Lasutkin    (Russia, Sojus TM-25)

2950 Orbits





Sojus TM-26               launch               05.08.1997            Anatoli Solojow        (Russia)

                                  docking MIR      07.08.1997            Pawel Vinogradow   (Russia)        

                                  undocking        19.02.1998                                          

                                  landing             19.02.1998


Back to Earth crew:

Anatoli Solojow        (Russia, Sojus TM-26)

Pawel Vinogradow   (Russia, Sojus TM-26)

Leopold Eyharts       (France, Sojus TM-27)      

3220 Orbits


Sojus TM-27                  launch                29.01.1998         Talghat  Mussajabew   (Russia)

                                     docking MIR       21.01.1998          Nikolai Budarin           (Russia)

                                     undocking          25.08.1998          Leopold Eyharts          (France)

                                     landing              25.08.1998


Back to Earth crew:

Talghat  Mussajabew  (Russia, Sojus TM-27)

Nikolai Budarin           (Russia, Sojus TM-27)

Juri Baturin                 (Russia, Sojus TM-28)

3284 Orbits

Sojus TM-28                      launch            13.08.1998        Gennadi Padalka         (Russia)

                                         docking MIR   15.08.1998        Sergei Awdejew          (Russia)

                                         undocking      27.02.1999        Juri Baturin                  (Russia)

                                         landing          28.02.1999


Back to Earth crew:

Gennadi Padalka   (Russia, Sojus TM-28)
Ivan Bella               (Slowakei, Sojus TM-29)
3144 Orbits


Sojus TM-29                      launch            20.02.1999        Wiktor Afanassjew          (Russia)

                                         docking MIR   22.02.1999        Jean-Pierre Haignere      (France)

                                         undocking      27.08.1999        Ivan Bella                        (Slowakei)

                                         landing          28.08.1999        


Back to Earth crew:

Wiktor Afanassjew        (Russia,Sojus TM-29)

Jean-Pierre Haignere   (France, Sojus TM-29)

Sergei Awdejew           (Russia, Sojus TM-28)

3070 Orbits


Sojus TM-30                      launch            04.04.2000       Sergej Saljotin        (Russia)

                                         docking MIR   06.04.2000        Alexander Kaleri    (Russia)

                                         undocking      15.06.2000

                                         landing          16.06.2000         


Back to Earth crew:


Last visit of a Sojuspaceship to MIR

Last maincrew of MIR ( Saljotin and Kaleri was the 28th maincrew of the Mirstation)

Last pure russian crew in Sojus spaceship

1145 Orbits


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