Skylab 1 to Skylab 4 (USA)

Launch cover Skylab 4 orig. signed by complete crew, KSC cachet ca. 6000 issued
Launch cover Skylab 4 orig. signed by complete crew, KSC cachet ca. 6000 issued

The Skylabprogram was the first and single Orbitalstation of the NASA..

There have been totally only 4 missions, the first one was the unmanned mission Skylab 1 launched 14 of mai 1973 where a Saturn 5 rocket brought the Skylab in to space and orbit.

The third part of the Saturn 5 rocket , which for the moonflights habe neen used for leaving the Earth gravitation, served in that case as the skylabmodule itself.

After this flight 3 manned spaceflight followed Skylab 2 to Skylab 4 missions where the Saturn 1B rocket brought the well known Apollo spaceships for docking at the skylab module from the first flight.

The last mission was Skylab 4 launched on 16 of november 1973 with Carr, Gibson and Pogue on board.

Due to loss of speed of the orbitalstation and no further mission to the station , Skylab entered on

11 of july 1979 the Earth atmosphere and burned totally.

This was 2 years before the first launch of the Space Shuttle Program which should reach Skylab and should stabilize it.

Skylab 1            launch              14.05.1973                    unmanned   


Launch of the Skylab orbital station with Saturn-5 rocket 

Skylab was slightly demollished during launch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Skylab 2             launch             25.05.1973                   Charles Conrad           (USA)

                          landing            22.06.1973                   Joseph Kerwin             (USA)

                                                                                     Paul Weitz                   (USA)    


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Maintenance of the demollished space station  by 3 EVA`s


Skylab 3             launch               28.07.1973                      Alan Bean                  (USA)

                          landing              25.09.1973                      Owen Garriott            (USA)

                                                                                          Jack Lousma              (USA)   


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Maintenance of the demollished space station by 3 EVA`s



Skylab 4             launch       16.11.1973                       Gerald Carr                    (USA)

                           landing     08.02.1974                       Edward Gibson               (USA)

                                                                                   William Pogue                (USA)


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4 EVA`s                                

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