Shenzhou flights Shenzhou 1 to Shenzhou 10 and precursor

The chinese spaceexploration has been started on 01.09.1960 with the first rocket launch of a DF-1 rocket.

This rocket type based originally on the former German V2 rocket from Peenemünde which has been only modified.

That means that all 3 current gib nations as there are the US, Russia and China have used for their first rocket flights the german technology from the second world war from Peenemünde.

The next steps in China has been the launch of the first satellite in 1970 DFH-1, similar to the soviet Sputnik type, and the beginning of chinese manned spaceflight program in 1992.

With the launch of the modern Shenzhou-1 spacecraft on  20.11.1999, the chinese manned spaceflights has been started.

The Shenzhou spaceship is to some extend similar to the russian Sojus spaceship due to the tide relationship between the two nations in the early 90s years of the last century, but at this time much more modern than Sojus spacecraft.

The spacecraft for the Shenzhou spaceships is the CZ-2F-rocket (Langer Marsch).

On the long run, the chinese intention is to develop the mission to Moon in the next ten years.

One milestons is already done with the successful launch and mission of the moon orbit mission of the satelite Chang`e in July 2010.




Shenzhou 1 to 7 and precursor


Shenzhou 8 to 10 and space station Tian Gong 1 


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