Gemini flights Gemini 1 to Gemini 12

In the Gemini Program two astronauts were brought into an orbit close to Earth.

The Geminiproject included 10 manned missions (Gemini 3 to Gemini 12) in the years 1965 and 1966 and was the prepartion project for the Apollo Moonlanding Program.

The Gemini spaceship was constructed for 2 astronauts and during the 10 manned flights the main objective was to carry out rendez-vous trials and orbit corrections.

As well it should be checked some spacemedical investigations, trials for geophysics  and astrophysics and as well of course the needed EVA activities.

The spacecraft has been the Titan II rocket.

With the Geminiproject the US could come closer to the Russian Sojus development and closer to the competition of reaching manned spaceflight to Moon.

Gemini 1              launch        08.04.1964       unmanned                   

                            Gemini capsule has not been recovered



Gemini 2              launch          19.01.1965        unmanned                     

                            Recovered by Lake Champlain              



Gemini 3             launch              23.03.1965            John W.Young         (USA)    

                                                                                Virgil I. Crissom      (USA)

                          first US flight with two US astronauts



 Gemini 4            launch          03.06.1965           James Mcdavitt        (USA)      

                                                                           Edward H.White       (USA)     

                           first spacewalk (EVA) from US astronaut by E.H.White



Gemini 5             launch            21.08.1965             Gordon Cooper      (USA)       

                                                                               Charles Conrad      (USA)    

                           highest quantity from photos of Earth



Gemini 6A            launch            15.12.1965            Walter M.Schirra        (USA)

                                                                               Thomas P.Stafford      (USA)

                             first orbit-rendevouz with Gemini 7     



Gemini 7               launch             04.12.1965             Frank Borman         (USA)     

                                                                                 James A.Lovell        (USA)

                             first orbit-rendevouz with Gemini 6



Gemini 8               launch              16.03.1966            Neil A.Armstrong    (USA)                      

                                                                                  David R.Scott          (USA)


Gemini 9               launch              03.06.1966            Eugene Cernan        (USA)    

                                                                                 Thomas P.Stafford     (USA)


Gemini 10             launch              18.07.1966           John WJ.Young        (USA)   

                                                                                 Michael Collins        (USA)


Gemini 11             launch              12.09.1966           Charles Conrad        (USA)

                                                                                 R.F.Gordon              (USA)


Gemini 12             launch              11.11.1966           James A.Lovell        (USA)                 

                                                                                E.E.Aldrin                 (USA)

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