Apollo flights Apollo 1 to Apollo 17 including Disaster

Apollo 15 Moonpahse cover Herrick , 100 itmes flown around the moon druing the Apollo 15 mission, plus certificate
Apollo 15 Moonpahse cover Herrick , 100 itmes flown around the moon druing the Apollo 15 mission, plus certificate

The project Apollo is the most popular and probably the best known spaceflight program until now and included up from Apollo 11 until Apollo 17 totally 6 Moonlanding missions.

This Apollo project has been  already started by US president J.F.Kennedy in 1961, after the notice of Wostok 1 flight of Yuri  Gagarin. with the clear goal of the first humen being landing on Moon.

On 20.July 969 teh first humen, Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon.

For this flights to the Moon , the NASA has to develop a totally new rocket with the SaturnV to make it possible to bring with one rocket the very complex Apollo spaceship, for three astronauts , containing  three separat units (Apollo command Modul, Service Module and Lunar Module), into Orbit, to the surface of the Moon and back to earth.

The spacecraft has been the Saturn V rocket.

The Saturn V rocket has an altitude of 111 meters ánd a launch weight of 2950 mt.

Russia tried to develop as well a similar rocket for their Moon manned flight program, but the new planned rocket for that missions the rocket N-1 failed totally during 4 launch trials.

On the other hand, the russians invested to less money for this missions, had too much different missions planned with their Sojus spaceship, too many responsible persons involved after the much too early death of Sergej Koroljew in 1966. 

So the russians could not focused in the same way as the americans on that manned Moonlanding mission and failed in that field totally until today.

After that fact Russia focused more and more their activities on the different Orbitalstations and is until today very successful with their Sojus program to reach now as the single nation the Orbital station ISS.



Apollo 1 to 6                               (including Disaster 204)



Apollo 7             11.10.1968          Walter Schirra

                                                    Donn Eisele

                                                    Walter Cunningham         first television transmission from Orbit


Apollo 8             21.12.1968         Frank Borman

                                                   James Lovell

                                                   William Anders                 first manned flight to moon, moonorbit


Apollo 9             03.03.1969        James McDivitt

                                                   David Scott

                                                   Russel Schweickart         first test of LM (Lunar Orbiter) in earth-



Apollo 10           18.05.1969         Thomas Stafford

                                                   John Young

                                                   Eugene Cernan                second mission to moon together with



Apollo 11           16.07.1069         Neil Armstrong

                                                   Edwin Aldrin

                                                   Michael Collins                first man on moon with Neil Armstrong

                                                                                             20.07.1969 and Edwin Aldrin


Apollo 12          14.11.1969          Charles Conrad

                                                   Richard Gordon

                                                   Alan Bean                       second landing on moon only 250 m far

                                                                                            from Surveyor-3 and visiting of space



Apollo 13          11.04.1970          James Lovell

                                                   John Swigert

                                                   Fred Haise                     due to explosion of O2-tank no moon

                                                                                          landing  possibel, surviving in LM, flight

                                                                                          around the moon  and back to earth



Apollo 14         31.01.1971          Alain Shepard

                                                  Stuart Roosa

                                                  Edgar Mitchell               third landing on moon, 2 km excursion from

                                                                                          LM with small vehicel   


Apollo 15         26.07.1971         David Scott

                                                 Alfred Worden

                                                 James Irwing                3 excursions with LRV ( LunarRovingVehicle)

                                                                                        6 km far from LM and tv transmission from

                                                                                        LM with camera on LRV


Apollo 16        16.04.1972         John Young

                                                Thomas Mattingly

                                                Charles Duke                 3 EVA`s by Duke and Young total 20h 17m


Apollo 17        07.12.1972          Eugene Cernan

                                                 Ronald Evans

                                                 Harrison Schmitt          last manned moon landing  of the 




Apollo 18 to Apollo 20  planned but cancelled

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